Bird Watching

Program Code: ALT 03/08

Duration: 16 Days

More than 60 percent of the endemic species in Ethiopia are found in the Bale Mountains National Park. More than1 60 birds species are recorded in this park.

Ethiopa rift valley lakes are famous for different numbers of aquatic and endemic birds. In this program you will explore the different bird spices in The rift valley Lakes Region : Lakes Ziway, lake Langano, lake Abijatta-Shalla, lake hawassa lakes Abaya and Chamo. Over 50 percent of all bird species have been recorded in the Rift Valley because of the proximity of numerous aquatic and terrestrial habitats. Specially Lake Abijatta and lake chutu are the feeding ground for numerous great white pelicans and greater and lesser flamingo.

Lake shalla is the deepest rift valley lake in Africa and is a regular breeding ground for great white pelicans and a nesting spot for the greater flamingo. Farther more the borona area is home of The endemic Ethiopian Bush Crow and Prince Ruspli's Turaco .

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Birding Program Code ALT 03/08

Day 1-Addis Abeba

Morning, arrive in Addis Abeba , welcomed by one of our professional bird guide then transfer in to your hotel.

Overnight : hotel

Day 2-Nazrert

Drive Addiss-Nazret.

Overnight : Hotel

Day 3-Dodola

Morning drive from Nazret to Dodola, explore the different birds.

Overnight : Hotel

Day 4-Dinsho

After early, bird searching in Dodola drive to Dinsho head quarter of Bale national park and the home many endemic birds

Overnight : camping

Day 5-Borana

Early morning, explore the park then drive to Negele borona, shelters place of unique and endemic birds to Ethiopia.

Overnight: Hotel

Day 6-Mega

Early morning, take a look again some other special birds in a particular location then drive to Mega overnight : camping

Day 7-Yabello

Birding sites in Mega and Yabello sanctuary.

Overnight : Hotel

Day 8-Konso

Birding sites Yabello to Konso

Overnight : Hotel

Day 9-Turmi

Birding route Konso-Turmi

Overnight : camping or local Hotel

Day 10-Turmi

Full day, bird watching in Turmi area

Overnight : camping

Day 11-Jinka

Birding area Turmi to Jinka.

Overnight: Hotel

Day 12-Mago

Birding route Jinka to Mago national park.

Overnight: camping

Day 13-Arbaminch

Morning, drive from Mago park-Arbaminch.

Overnight: Hotel

Day 14-Chetu

Birding rout Arbaminch to Chetu lake .

Overnight : camping

Day 15-Debrezeit

Birding site Langano-Abijatta-Shala park-Koka-Debrezeit.

Overnight : hotel

Day 16-Addis Abeba

Birding in Debrezeit akaki wet land area in Addis

Overnight : Hotel

Day 18-fly back home

Fly to your home town

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