Program Code ALT 013/07

Duration : 12 days

Tour in Ethiopia will not be completed without visiting the Danakil depression and the most active volcano in the world erteale. This program is flexible we can modified depending the interest of our clients.

Discover the fascinating nature of the earth at its origin your mother land.

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Program code Alt013/07

Day 01 – Home – Ethiopia

Flight from home to Ethiopia. Arrive in Addis Abeba, transfer hotel.

Overnight : hotel

Day 02 – Addis Abeba - Kombolcha

Morning, drive to Kombolcha. On the way, to stop at the Termaber pass more than 3000 m for the wonderful view of the land mark of Abyssinian height land and the rift valley ; if by chance this day is Sunday, stop at Senbete the biggest local market.

Overnight : hotel

Day 03 - Kombolcha – Bati – Kombolcha – Alamata

In the morning, drive to Bati to visit the colorful local market held on every Monday. Ethiopia’s biggest cattle market: the best moment to see the different culture dressing.

Overnight : hotel

Day 04 -Alamata – Abergele - Bere Ale -Hamed Ela

Morning, drive to Afar region the volcanic birth day place, on the way to visit afar village and observe the caravan route which transport salt from the lake Karoum to berahle the stop over station village for the caravans.

Overnight : camping

Day 05 -Ahmed Ela – Dallol area (sulphur lakes and salt cathedrals) –lake asale

Morning, discover the Danakil depression, Dallol earth crest with endless salt and sulphur deposits the place where you can see A techno colored landscape, incredible mineral deposits, sulfur lakes and bubbling sulfur springs, the small tables, mushroom like gypsum, having different color yellow, white, bubbling springs of sulphur sal, yellow green, hot, clammy, needle stalactites, ghostly. Then explore the local salt extraction of Lake Asale, the salt workers and caravans

Overnight : camping Hamed Ela

Day 06 – Hamed Ela – dodom - erta ale

Morning, leave Hamed Ela, drive on the desert till dodom ,the starting point to trek or to hire a camel to reach to the top of the mountain that you see in the middle of the desert at an altitude of 616masl the mountain that smokes called ERTA Ale one of the active volcanic centers in the world .and Walk down into the crater to see the lava lake, approaching the fire magma to less than 30 m then observe the fascinating volcanic activities by night.

Overnight : local hut

Day 07 – erta ale - Afdera – Semera

Morning, walk down again in to Lava Lake for observation of the active volcano and admire the breath taking panorama on the Danakil plain. Then, walk dawn till dodom to take your vehicle and drive to Semera via salt lake Afdera .

Overnight : hotel

Day 08 - Semara – Awash

Driving to Awash national park this will be a journey into stony moon landscapes, meeting Afar men with their typical hair dress, their Kalashnikov and their ritual curved knife.

Overnight : local hotel

Day 09- Awash – Harar

Morning, excursion in the park then drive back to Harerge via the spectacular panorama of the harerge mountain. On the way, to visit the biggest chat market in Aweday .

Overnight : hotel

Day 10 - Harar-city

Full day, visit of the old city : walk through narrow streets and visit the 16th century grand mosque, the wooden house of Arthur Rimbaud, the Sherif Harar city museum, a traditional Adare house, cultural centre of Harari, the Ras Makonnen palace (where emperor Haile Selassie spent his childhood) and some colorful markets (Asma’addin Bari -Christian market; Gidir -Muslim market; the camel meat market and Explore the five oldest gate of harer .In the evening around 7:00 PM you will see the feeding of hyenas by men .

Overnight : hotel

Day 11- Harar - Dire Dawa - Addis Abeba

Morning, drive to Dire Dawa. Visit the local market and the oldest train station in Ethiopia, then fly to Addis Abeba .

Overnight : hotel

Day 12 - City tour Addis-Abeba

Visit the biggest ethiopian market, the Merkato, the cathedral St. Trinity and the palace of emperor Menelik the second in Entoto Mountain and visit national museum home of our ancestor Lucy, finally fare well dinner in a traditional restaurant.

Fly back home town.


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