Day 1 : Arive in Addis Abeba,  city tour in Addis. o/n hotel

Day 2 : Fly to Axum, visit the mystery of the great stele,churches and kings tombs, old inscriptions, etc. o/n hotel

Day 3 : Fly to Lalibela andi visit the 11th rock hewn churches which testify the great faith and great architectural skill of the past. o/n hotel

Day 4 : Morning, fly to Gondar, visit the meieval city of Gondar, Fasiledes castle and churches. o/n hotel

Day 5 : Morning, drive to Simien mountain national park to see the landscape and the endemic wild animals. o/n lodge in the park

Day 6 : Morning, trekking on foot or on horseback thendrives back to Gondar. o/n hotel

Day 7 : Morning, fly to Addis and then connect flight to Dire Dawa. o/n hotel

Day 8 : Drive to the color full city of Harar and discovered its diversity culture. o/n hotel

Day 9 : Morning, visit the colorful market of Aweday and Dire Dawa, then fly back to Addis. o/n hotel Day 10 : Fly back tou your home town.