South Ethiopia

Program code ALT014/07

Duration: 15 days

This program explores the rift valley lakes and all the different colorful cultural and tribes groups in the omo valley experts at body painting and Scarifications. Farther more visit the unique nomad’s tribe of borona. Finally you will discover the largest area of Afro-Alpine habitat in the whole of the continent.

Upon request the tour program below can be, modified, differently rearranged, combined with other programs, or extended to suit the clients’ interest, time, and budget.

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Program code ALT014/07

Day 01 – Addis Abeba -Alt 2400 m

Arrival in the morning then morning free in your hotel. Afternoon, visit the capital, begin by the St trinity cathedral church, national museum home of our ancestor LUCY. Then drive to the mountain ENTOTO to see the view of the city and visit the biggest market Markato .

Overnight : hotel

Day 02 - Ziway-Alt 1650 m

Morning, driver towards the rift valley lakes Awassa, on the way to visit the crater lake of Debrezeit. Drive to Arba Minch, on the way to visit the twin rift valley lake.

Overnight : hotel

Day 03 - Dorze –Alt 2800 m

Morning, drive to arbaminch. On the way to visit the sanctuary of Senkele. End of afternoon visit The Dorze village, known for their cotton woven clothing and bamboo- made beehive shaped, they were the hunter of elephants.

Overnight : hotel

Day 04 - Arbaminch –Alt 1560 m

Excursion boat tripe in lake Chamo one of the rift valley lake best areas to see the crocodile market then exploring the Nech Sar National park which is famous for zebra and other mammals and bird life.

Overnight : HOTEL

Day 05 - Konso -Alt 1750 m

Morning, drive to the fascinating peoples and culture of Omo Valley tribes : first visit the Konso people , who for centuries have practiced terracing and intensive agriculture in their steep land and are known for their wooden totems they erect over the graves of the dead. Afternoon, visit the king’s village, they have been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.

Overnight : hotel

Day 06 - Jinka -Alt 1650 m

Morning, drive to the lower Omo valley to Jinka , to have a visit to one of the biggest market in the Omo valley - Key Afer held on , every thursday.

Overnight : hotel

Day 07- Mursi -Alt 500 m

Morning, drive to Mago national park to visit the tribe group of mursi, experts at body painting-using clays and locally available vegetable pigments to trace fantastic patterns on one another's faces, chests, arms, and legs. The uniqueness of mursi men they insert a wooden and terra-cotta disks in to the ear lobes, Mursi warriors carve deep crescent incisions on their arms to represent each enemy they have killed in battle and mursi women split and stretch their lower lips to make room for similar disks but the biggest disk she has the most beautiful than others. This lip-plate is also an expression of female social adulthood. A girl will have her lip pierced by her mother, or another woman of her local community, when she reaches the age of around fifteen. Scarifications, is a widespread custom in mursi.

Overnight : hotel

Day 08 - Turmi -Alt 650 ml

Morning, drive to Turmi visit the Hammer market held on every monday, in the market Hammer men Elaborate hairstyles and Hammer women wear their hair in dense ringlets smeared with mud and clarified butter and topped off with a head- dress featuring oblongs of gleaming aluminum, the bull jumping is one of the cultural attraction in Hammer village.

Overnight : hotel

Day 09 - Omoratte -Alt 400 m

Morning, drive to Omoratte, to visit the Naygaten tribes,they live on the two side of river bank. Afternoon, direction to Konso.

Overnight : hotel

Day 10 - Yabello

Morning, drive to Yabello game safaris. Afternoon, visit Yabello sanctuary to see the zebra, gazelle and other endemic birds.

Overnight : hotel

Day 11 - Yabello

Morning, visit singing well of Borona a large nomadic ethnic group and crater lake which is called elsod black salt lake which is only found in Borona .

Overnight : hotel

Day 12 - Yirgalem

Morning, drive to Yirgalem city of coffee, on the way to visit the stele of tuti fela date back to 1st century A.D and the village of Sidama.

Overnight : hotel

Day 13 - Bale Dinsho -Alt 3200 m

Morning, drive to Bale national park the largest area of Afro-Alpine habitat in the whole of the continent. And an area of high altitude plateau that is broken by numerous spectacular volcanic plugs and peaks, beautiful alpine lakes and rushing mountain streams that descend into deep rocky gorges on their way to the lowlands, this park is a home of endemic flora and fauna.

Overnight : hotel

Day 14 - Awasa

Morning, excursion in the Bale national park then departure to Awasa via the center city of ras teferiyan or rasta – Shashemene .

Overnight : hotel

Day 15 – Addis Abeba

Morning, visit local fish market then excursion boat tribe in lake Awasa to see the colonies of hippopotamus , afternoon direction Addis-Abeba. On the way, visit Abijata – Shalla park which is now home of different aquatic and mammals and visit the stele of Tiya which is register in world heritage list. Farewell dinner in a traditional restaurant in addis abeba. Then fly back home.

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